Bobby Brown Shimmer Blush Coral

The philosophy of Bobbi Brown is teaching a woman to put makeup using makeup products, which can be used every day. They can accentuate her natural beauty and make minor flaws imperceptible and make you «just like you, but better!». Bobbi Brown advises to apply daily blush smiling with light movements to the apples of the cheeks from top to bottom. Such way helps to make naturalness of your blush. Bobby Brown Shimmer Blush Coral is famous pearl blush, warm coral shade. The silky formula is easy to apply and creates lasting natural glow. Because of the good pigmentation blush application should be very careful; otherwise you can look like “nested doll”. Its staying power is extremely high, so if you apply too much of blush it will be difficult to remove the excess. Bobbi Brown Blush Coral is shimmering blush with golden shine. Blush contains sparkles, which are not visible on the face, they only give a radiant look. The color of blush in different lighting conditions They look magnificently on tanned and even slightly tanned skin. But delicate application of this blush makes even my fair skin look very...

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Such different Champagne by Bobbi Brown. Bobbi Brown Champagne Quartz and Bobbi Brown Champagne

As usual I’m going to talk about my favorite brand Bobbi Brown, which cosmetics I love so much. Today it will be about two eyeshadow – Champagne and Champagne Quartz. These two shades look very similar to each other if you see them in the packaging and in beauty shops with bad lighting. So, the history of their purchases is commonplace), during my visit of Bobbi Brown’s shop I saw these two similar shadows and …couldn’t choose the one and as ever I bought both). To be honest I don’t have any regrets about this. By the way this happens to me only if it is Bobbi Brown’s cosmetic or lipsticks by MAC. Bobbi Brown‘s eyeshadow collection includes many shades with various textures: silky, matte, shiny with glitter (Sparkle), pearl shimmer (Shimmer) and metallic (Metallic). All of them can be used separately or you can compose your personalized palette. To begin with, that the shade Champagne Quartz and the shade Champagne belong to different categories – Champagne Quartz has metallic sheen and Champagne gives you pearl shimmer. Bobbi Brown Champagne Quartz  Shadows are slightly injured by my youngest son, so I apologize for not enough aesthetic look. The eyeshadow with metallic sheen combine saturated with pigments texture and intense shine.This is beautiful absolutely not vulgar shade that creates a light brilliancy on the lids and leaves on the skin just...

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