If you are looking for products that can perfectly restore your hair, then pay attention to L’oreal Profiber. Very often you can read contradictory reviews but I didn’t find any negative review about this line’s products. All who used them were satisfied, and I’m including.

For me, hair care is one of the key moments in the process of care.  Hair should be soft, shiny and for sure beautiful colored). But frequent staining, especially lighting, spoils my hair making it dry, damaged and split ended. And in addition curling irons, hair straighteners and etc…

To stop the hair destruction and run the repair process, L`Oreal Research laboratories developed a revolutionary hair repair system through the creation of the first long-lasting haircare system.

loreal profiber

After 15 years of intensive research and 15 patents pending, L’Oréal’s Research laboratories have developed its most sophisticated haircare technology to date: the APTYL 100 molecular complex. APTYL 100 resumes the treatment effect after every fourth usage of shampoo and gives the possibility of such effect extending in home conditions up to 6 weeks.

Of course, there are also some nuances. Initially, you should make maintenance in the beauty salon applying this product. Then you buy specially selected for you products and use them at home. PRO FIBER line for home care prolongs the effect of salon treatments APTYL 100 molecule.

PRO FIBER has three product ranges for a certain levels of damaged hair.

RECTIFY (red) – for damaged hair

RESTORE (blue-green) – for heavily damage and colored d hair

 RECONSTRUCT (purple) – for very strongly damaged hair

L’oreal Pro fiber

L’oreal Pro fiber 1

I bought the blue-green line, since my hair is not just damaged, but also are colored. I chose only shampoo and conditioner from the offered four products. Before the first application I was afraid that my hair would become heavier. I have quite thin hair and to get volume is a real problem. But no “icicles” appeared. On the contrary I felt lightness and softness that was felt immediately after the removal of shampoo and conditioner.

The basis of shampoo and conditioner is Aptyl 100 complex. It joins silicon aminosilane molecule to bind the inner layers of the hair that strengthens and revives it. The cationic polymer covers the hair cuticle with protective membrane and “seals” restoring molecule inside the hair.

This system has another trick – you can prolong recovery. You should use a mask activator L’Oreal Pro Fiber Re-Charge (it is one for all lines) after four times of using shampoo.

I should say that the effect is worthy and notable. Money definitely is not spent in vain. The fact that all bloggers and just my friends, who have used the means of lines, were satisfied and even more they praise the product, also impresses me.

This is really rare product on which such a unanimous opinion. The product is really worthy and I recommend to look it attentively. If you do not know where to buy these products click here http://lorealprofessionnel.ru/profiberevolution#salons  and find a salon in your city, which can offer you them.