Good day to everyone! Do you have an eyeshadow shade that you know exactly will suit you?! Here I have such shade called Heather, and it does not matter the title of shadows or lipsticks contain this shade. So eyeshadow of autumn collection Clarins having the same name, were chosen for me by a consultant who said: “this shade will suit you exactly.”

clarins 08 heatherClarins Ombre Matte Cream-To-Powder Matt Eyeshadow Smoothing & Long-Lasting 1

Clarins Ombre Matte Cream-To-Powder Matte Eyeshadow Smoothing & Long-Lasting is an eyeshadow of the new generation having powder texture and matte effect. Such texture makes matte shadows the most matte if it would be correct to speak so. Shadows Clarins look like well-pressed powder. For comparing cream shadows Bobbi Brown are just cream and shadow by Chanel are rather like souffle, soft springing under your finger. Cream shadows Giorgio Armani have the most similar consistency.

The matte effect is another advantage of this eyeshadow because truly matte cream shadows are rare. However, they do not dry the eyelids skin and do not create unpleasant powdery effect on the lids.

The shadows are well pigmented and give rich shade from the first time. You can make smokey make-up or in contrast to many other cream shadows you create light haze. However, high density is not achieved. Sometimes I draw lines along lashes with a cream shadows but in this case it was not the best way.

Clarins Ombre Matte

So why do I choose exactly this shade for my green eyes? Heather increases the green pigment in the iris, making eyes color brighter, and this is not surprising. The easiest way to understand if a particular color fit you is to pay attention to the colors of nature.  Heather as you know is evergreen plant with purple flowers and the green color becomes more juicy and bright in such duet.


Heather by Clarins is richer, it has more shades of gray. It is darker than Heather Bobbi Brown. In compared with purple Diaposon Chanel grayness of Heather by Clarins is seen in all its glory. However, on the eyelids purple tone is clearly visible.

Left to right: Bobbi Brown Heather, Clarins Heather, Chanel Diaposon

Clarins Ombre Matte Cream-To-Powder Matt Eyeshadow Smoothing & Long-Lasting 08 heather

The shadows can be applied both with your finger and a brush. Both ways, unlike the shadows Bobbi Brown that has narrow neck, are comfortable. Shadow Clarins cakes on not so quickly and time to shade them is enough. They lie evenly, don’t creep into the crease.

Clarins Ombre Matte Cream-To-Powder Matt Eyeshadow Smoothing & Long-Lasting 08+ Lipstick Giorgio Armani # 509 Boudoir

innabuybeauty тени clarins heather 08

But for all its advantages shadows have a definite shortcoming. Unlike other of my cream shadows they have low staying power. After 5 hours of inactive wearing, color virtually disappears and only light slightly purple haze reminds that eyeshadow on my lids is. But it’s not difficult to avoid such problem, just firstly apply base coating on the lid.

Here they are cream, although I find it easier to call them “powdery”) shadows from Clarins. How do you like this eyeshadow? And do you have your own favorites among cream shadows?