“Scattering sparks and an explosion of color is one movement!”

If your basic requirements for the lipstick are gloss, lightness and color, lipstick Guerlain Shine Automatique will satisfy you defenetely!

Guerlain Shine Automatique Lipstick is interesting both its design and texture. This weightless texture makes lips soft, smooth and shiny seductively. Each lipstick is mix of colors and sparkling pearlescent particles, which have many different colors and reflect light so the lips are decorated with elegant brilliance sparkles.

Rouge Automatique Lipstick has unusual opening mechanism. Golden tube is opened and closed by the one touch of a lever. So there are some advantages and disadvantages too. On the one hand you don’t break the lipstick, even if you close the top and not fully tightening it, like this happened with the almost new lipstick Chanel Ina. On the other hand such device enclosed in a square form is not familiar and it may be difficult to use it when the lipstick is much less.

Here is the opening mechanism, the button with the logo goes down and lipstick leaves the body.Guerlain Shine Automatique 260 и 261

Rouge Automatique Lipstick has very special favor and I felt it immediately. This is delicate refined aroma of vanilla. Top notes in its smell are lemon, orange and bergamot. Median notes which are rose and iris exude sweetness. And there is nice trail of vanilla and tonka bean.

There are different shades in the range of Shine Automatique. You can find beige, pink, red and orange hues. I’ve selected №260 Jardin de bagatelle and №261 Rose imperial. Two shades were very similar at first glance, but the difference is obvious if you place them side by side.

Left to right:261, 260

Помада Guerlain Shine Automatique 260, 261

Left to right: 261, 260

Помада Guerlain Shine Automatique 260 и 261

260 Jardin de bagatelle is sparkling shade of pale pink nude color. This is gorgeous shade. I would say that this lipstick rather transparent, but surprisingly covers lips pigment. I have rather rich natural lips pigment especially with my tattoo lips. You may note a lot of contrasting sequins in the stick. However, they are almost invisible on the lip, that’s fantastic))). On the photo lips color is more nude.

Guerlain Shine Automatique 261

261 Rose imperial is translucent shade of pink. In a stick it looks much brighter than it turns on the lips. Shimmer is not as noticeable in the stick; evidently shimmer has the same color as lipstick. This shade looks very natural on the lips and because of the pearlescent particles there is some effect of moist lips. Compared with the first lipstick on the photo a little pink shade is noticeable.

Guerlain Shine Automatique 260
Both lipsticks with the pearl particles make lips look more full and moist and also visually distract attention from the slightest imperfections. Lipstick is very comfortable and insensible on the lips, despite the presence of shimmer.

This lipstick does not roll down and spread, and such shade you can wear without using a lip pencil. Staying power is quite good for such translucent texture and delicate shades but during the time there is a wish to refresh lipstick on the lips.

Guerlain Shine Automatique lipstick is the perfect way for those girls who like shine and gloss and want to have natural look.