Due to my work I often use different foundations, so I can evaluate them on the basis of a number of signs.  I offer you to pay attention to Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Luminous Liquid foundation, if your skin is combined or prone to oily shine.

Although the manufacturer offers the dry-skinned girls to use it too, I don’t recommend this. Fore such type of the skin moisturizing and nutrition qualities of this foundation aren’t enough. Moreover, dryness and texture of the skin is emphasized, and the peeling increases. An exception is only if you live in a humid climate, for example St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, etc.

Having creamy texture, Perfect Luminous Liquid Foundation covers combined / problem / fat-prone skin perfectly. You know, such skin needs to be moistened too.

Reflective particles of mica and transparent pigments, contained in the foundation, give the skin natural golden hue.

Actually range of shades deserves special attention. There are a lot of them in the line, even for very light-skinned people. I chose Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Luminous Liquid foundation the shade No. 100 NATURAL GLOW that is beautiful golden beige shade.

The word “Luminous” in the title may be alarming, because many girls having problematic and oily skin do not want or fear additional shine. But in this case the foundation just isn’t matte. It gives the shine of healthy skin! The foundation does not emphasize pores, and creates effect of Photoshop a little. This one is one of the features of luminous finish foundations.

The foundation can be sheered out or built up depending on the coverage desired and it’s is practically not palpable on the skin. It covers redness and pigmentation spots perfectly.

photo “before” and “after”

Although this foundation isn’t my must-have thing but it has a very high rating on many review sites. I do not recommend its using for professional make-up but you may use it for your own face makeup and after testing on your own skin. And especially I focus on the shade that is one of the best!