For a long time I was not on the pages of my blog due to a lot of work. But thanks to this now I can share not only my personal experience of using many beauty products but also the results of many other girls.

The first thing I want to start with is the pigments from Tammy Tanuka. The creator of the project Sigil Inspired Tammy Tanuka is a photographer and colorist Tammi Tanuka.

Now I have 84 shades and it seems to me that this passion will not pass). The colors of these pigments or, as their producer calls them, friable silicone shadows, are stunning! And collections are constantly replenished with new shades. In the official store you can find detailed description of both the collections and each shade and also the complexity of usage.

Let me start with the one of the most interesting and easiest in using collections.


There are 8 shades in the collection and I show you 7 of them. All shades are very delicate. They can be applied solo or can help to change the basic shade slightly. These pigments modify the shadows in the inner eye’s corner perfectly and also look nice under the brow. At the same time they blur the border between the lid’s skin and shadows. The pigments are really both for professional make-up artists, and for beginners.

Also this collection seems to be created for those who like the trend colored highlighter but does not want to risk buying a full-format product or is afraid not to use it.

This collection is suitable for wedding make-up too. It’s gentle, but not boring.

Tammy Tanuka “Citrine powder” is golden-green hue. Its green sub-toner is especially noticeable in combination with other shades. This is the most saturated hue in the collection. I like combine it with other green shades or when there are golden-green specks in the iris or I want to emphasize / strengthen the green eye color.

Tammi Tanuka “Carnelian powder” is a golden-peach hue and the most universal shade of the collection. At first sight it is very similar to “Amber powder”, but here the gold tint is most pronounced.

Eye’s inner corner

Tammi Tanuka “Amber powder” is warm golden pink shade that absolutely suits for the warm colored make-up, including mossy, golden, bronze and even red hues. This is the shade that I prefer, using violet or pink shades in my eye makeup, not “Ruby powder”, and so this is the most often used shade.

under the eyebrow

Tammy Tanuka “Ruby powder” is warm pink shade and the most “dangerous” hue of the collection. It can easy accentuate your even slightly tired eyes. This shade is perfect for particular shooting but be careful applying it on the inner corner of your eyes in everyday life.

Tammi Tanuka “Amethyst powder” is warm purple hue, the manufacturer calls it lavender. I use it with care for the inner corner usually mixing it with a champagne colored highlighter.

Tammi Tanuka “Sapphire powder” is a very beautiful cold blue shade. If you apply it on the movable part of the lid it will look very interesting and not like cliché. This shade accentuates nicely all shades of blue as well as makes the color transitions smoother.

Eye’s inner corner

Tammi Tanuka “Emerald powder” is warm green and emerald hue.  I prefer to apply just this shade, unlike “Citrine powder, if the green pigment of the iris combines with blue or gray, as well as in mix with shadows of “sea wave” hue or various shades of emerald.

Eye’s inner corner

from the left to the right: citrine, carnelian, amber, ruby, amethyst, sapphire, emerald

on a black background

So this is one of my favorite collections. Really, almost all make-up I do using it.  Grinding is fine, shiny particles are almost invisible but this does not affect staying power. You may apply shadows with a dry brush like a highlighter or to intensify their color with white backing. On the black background the hue is revealed especially interesting. Usually the third variant is forgotten, but it’s a good option for smokey eyes especially if you make it rare and so you don’t need to buy more shadows.

Do you know these pigments? How do you like this collection?

I recommend buying the original shades of this brand at or from official representatives. Otherwise the shade or characteristics of the shadows may be different.

Here is my group, that’s where I show my make-up options, including make-ups with these shades.