Lime Crime lipsticks are one of the recognized leaders among liquid matte lipsticks. The main signs of this brand are huge selection, including unusual shades and excellent staying power.

Lime Crime was founded in 2008 by Ksenia Vorotova or Doe Deere, as she calls herself. Ksenia was born in Russia, after she moved to the United States, where she studied at the Faculty of Design and then began the career of a freelancer make-up artist. And then, the story begins like all the stories of the brands, which were founded by make-up artists). She lacked some certain products and shades in her work so she decided to create her own beauty-product line.  Focusing on the same extraordinary girls as she is, she offers them juicy, screaming and rich colors. Lilac, yellow, green lipstick, orange, lime or white eyeliner, dark red and coral eye shadow – all this is in Lime Crime.

However, recently the brand has begun to focus on those customers who also want to have high-quality matte lipstick, but are not ready for experiments with color. So the collection of lipsticks is complemented by the nude shades that I want to show you today.

I bought the set of these lipsticks on the official website of the brand during Black Friday in America.

The set is called Girls, Girls, Girls Bundle and consists of 5 nude lipsticks that are called female names. Pay attention that all the shades look a little darker on Slavic girls, so the colors of lipstick on my hand on the photos of me and photos of models look slightly different!!!

from left to right: Elle, Cindy, Lulu, Gigi, Sasha

Elle is apricot, nude shade. It clearly shows the brown nude.

Cindy is a beautiful terracotta color. It looks great on red-haired, dark-haired girls and girls with chestnut hair. But for blondes it does not fit, it looks like a fading rose. And I like this shade less than others because of its quality. It is not applied as evenly as others.

Lulu is beige-peach shade, the lightest in the set. It looks peachy on my lips and on the swatch but for some girls it can turn beige-pink. Be sure to try on for yourself! It covers the lips with the right color from the first layer. The shade can emphasize lips texture only if your lips are very textured by themselves)

on my lips

on another girl

Gigi is beautiful taupe shade, the mixture of light brown and purple. Be careful using this shade, sometimes it can look like a cadaverous color! Quality features are excellent. By the way all the swatches, both on the lips and on the hand, are made in one layer.

Sasha is the most popular shade of the set the shade of a dry rose. It is not brown and not pink, and it has a slight lilac note. It looks beautiful both on blondes and brunettes. The shade plays depending on the makeup and complexion and adjusts to your skin. It lies on the lips stunningly.

On my lips

on the model

All Lime Crime lipsticks are very long staying.

They are able to withstand warm tea, snack and kisses and are difficult to wash off with a micelle. Only fatty food or oil-based make-up remover can remove the lipstick. The finish turns velvety.

Be sure to pay attention to the sponge, it is always long, slightly elongated, not like roll. In my video about the collection of matte lipsticks I noticed that the some lipsticks had different sponge, those lipsticks were bought in Russia.

This matte lipstick dries lips, not so much, but it is. So it is necessary to care of your lips and to be honest I wouldn’t advise to wear liquid lipsticks every day. All the same, originally, these lipsticks were invented for brilliant photo shoot and not for life! Moreover there were a lot of scandals, intrigues and investigations))) in relation just to this brand and these lipsticks.