MAKE UP FOR EVER knows everything about the hard working life of actors, models and dancers. Therefore, MUFE produces cosmetic products, which are not afraid of long-term shooting, temperature changes or hot and humid conditions.

One of my favorite foundations is Face & Body, but Water Blend came to replace it. This product is also can be used for the face as well as for the body.

According to the manufacturer, Water Blend is even easier to apply, long-staying, resistant to sweat and water, it evens out the complexion and guarantees the perfect results. Created with 80% enriched with vitamins water, this long-lasting unique water-gel texture provides light coating and a feeling of freshness on your face. Filled with moisturizing PRO-vitamin B5 foundation gives a light glow to the dull skin, slightly highlighting it from the inside.

It’s difficult to compete with Face & Body; I was absolutely satisfied with it. And this product was included in my top-5 best foundations. I’m suspicious of any remake. No, really do you know at least one cool product that has become better after the alteration? And by the way, Face & Body has been a leader foundation among many makeup artists and people for more than 10 years! Well, that’s lyrics).

The most important improvement that I can note comparing these two foundations is the dispenser!) It has become much better. Face & Body’s dispenser literally spat out contents of the bottle, the foundation sprinkled and got dirty my hands and clothes. Water Blend does not have such problems.

The texture of the two creams is slightly different. Both foundations are liquid but Water Blend does not spread over the arm.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Water Blend R250

Application. Don’t use your fingers to apply it!!! You won’t got the result or at all or see ugly spots. This foundation isn’t shaded absolutely and freezes instantly! Apply only with a brush, and then the coverage depends on the brush itself. You can make a very light thin coating and at the same time one brush stroke and the line catches your eye immediately. The manufacturer offers the possibility of layering up to 3 times, and I remind you that you can layer Face & Body MAC up to 6 times. It is shaded with a brush easily and freezes on the face not at once)

As for results. Water Blend contains more pigment, so «makeup without make-up” turns better with Face & Body. However FB is more radiant and WB is rather matte. And then it depends on your skin (I do not take into account the ideal skin because every foundation makes it look brilliant)). WB is worse for dry and dehydrated skin, here it emphasizes your peeling more and moisturizes less.

WB is better to use for oily skin and the summer heat. The shine is less and staying power is higher. Actually, for dancers and actors) the last is more priority, since the gloss of the soffits, the huge physical loads cause the skin to sweat and give off oil.

So, this foundation is definitely for those who prefer lightweight, weightless makeup. The covering ability that can be varied to an average degree isn’t the main advantage of the foundation, while its staying power is absolutely stunning! That means your complexion stays brilliant for a long time and this is untypical for such light textures. Another undoubted advantage is the opportunity to use it in the summer, because the foundation isn’t felt on your face and I repeat about its long-lasting properties in the heat… it refers to weddings, parties and walks in the night city.