Charlotte Tilbury is a famous British make-up artist who created her own brand. Many celebrities use her cosmetics. And this brand is gaining popularity in Russia.

Charlotte Tilbury palettes are famous for their ease of use. All shades in each palette are harmoniously matched among themselves. You can create different looks using only 4 colors.

The sectors of the palette are called Prime (for the whole lids or for the inner corners), Enhanse (for the creases and on the outer corners), Smoke (on the ciliated edge) and Pop (glitter which is applied over the shadows). The scheme for all the palettes is the same, but this does not cancel the possibility of creativity). You can apply only each shade solo or use only two shades.

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette Golden Goddess is one of the most universal palettes, suitable for most girls, but it looks better on tanned or slightly dark skin. The Golden Goddess is absolutely gorgeous palette!

The shades are maximally natural, Russian girls like such shades. There are no matte shades in the pallet!

The lightest shade gives a little gold.

Gray-brown color looks different depending on the lighting. This is my favorite shade in the palette. I often use it solo to create daytime make-up. These high-pigmented shadows are quite self-sufficient. And they make make-up to look luxuriously.

The third brownish-bronze shade is the most controversial for the light skinned girls as it can make your look tired. I put it only in the corner of my eyes or over the shadows. Once I applied it along the lower lid and I looked as if I had cried all night).

When I learned Sparkle Bobbi Brown eyeshadows, I felt in love with glitter shadows. They look beautiful on the bare lid and applying over the shadows they bring their own flavor to your makeup. Glitter shadows of Golden Goddess palette have a golden brown hue. Apply it only with your finger! In other cases, the spangles practically do not cling.

Makeup when I used this palette

The shades of the palette are matched very simple and never mind what shades you use, anyway the result will be stunning.) The shadows give off the pigment well and are shaded excellent. Actually you don’t need to be a makeup guru to have nice look and this is an undeniable bonus for most girls.

I use this palette when I need to put lovely makeup quickly!