The palette that captivates the imagination! It is a really herbal garden.

I’ve shown you some other Sleek palettes so I don’t focus on the standard black case, in which 12 colors bloom.

There are only three matte shades in the palette and the only one base shade is brown hue. Two green shades perfectly fit exactly into this palette. Tender green hues are trend of this spring so fashionista take makeup with this color into account. And emerald matte shade is good for unusual smokey variant.

Taupe hue in the upper row and brown shade in the bottom are frost. Other shades have different degrees of shimmerity. The shades of the upper row can be found in some other palettes including the Sleek shadows, but the bottom row is definitely the very thing for which you should buy this palette.

Green is a very insidious shade and can easily turn you from belle into a frog. The shades of green of this palette are chosen as universally as possible. That is, they suit both me and you. There are three shimmer shades. The first is Fig like the shade of spring grass with light yellowness. Then Evergreen hue that I’d call a shade of sea wave in which the green tint is more than blue. And the last one is a stunning, deep shade of the forest – Tree of life. I am delighted with the Evergreen and Tree of life shades just because of their colors, which slightly shimmer, creating different shade on the lids.

The shadows are well pigmented and the color on the swatches is transferred from the first time. They are easily shaded, the only exception is matte brown hue; you can find better than this one. The shades of green is another advantage of the palette, but at the same time this may also be a drawback if you’re not a fan of this color, but in such case you just don’t need this palette. Gold and purple shades can be found from many brands and here they are not the best.