And the foundation again! I have been using this serum just a little more than a month but I have included it in my “top 5 best foundations”!
This product combines all the best: weightlessness, naturalness, excellent covering and staying power and ease of use!!!

I fell in love with this foundation at first sight! Frankly, when I went to the store for a new foundation I was not going to buy it. But after I tested some of the proven foundations I decided to buy this one.

By the way at the time of the purchase  in Krasnoyarsk Diorskin Nude Air Ultra-Fluid Serum Foundation has already been sold out in the RivGosh store and there were not some shades available in Ile de Beauté shop.

I chose 020 light beige shade.  It seems a little darkish on my hand, but on the skin it can be shaded without borders.

The bottle is made of thick glass, which is comfortable to hold in your hand. The serum is dispensed with a pipette. But shake it well before applying!!

The serum’s texture is melting and weightless. It is spread easily even if are not skillful makeup artist. The skin looks natural, even if the shade doesn’t fit you well.  Despite the weightlessness of Dior Diorskin Nude Air Ultra-Fluid Serum Foundation it has an excellent covering ability; it evens your complexion in a moment. Also it doesn’t clog fine lines and does not dry your skin, no peeling in contrary smoothes it.

Stunning staying power is another nice bonus! You can wear the foundation a whole day and even fall asleep but the foundation is still on your skin. You can work out at the gym and the foundation is still on your skin! That was checked by customers)))

So even finding fault, I cannot find any disadvantages!!! Definitely Diorskin Nude Air Ultra-Fluid Serum Foundation is one of my favorites! P.S. I haven’t read any negative comments about this foundation!

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