As you know, I am a manic lover of eyeshadow and before the New Year I decided to please myself with a palette containing different pink hues. Such shades are quite complex, not suitable for everyone and require proper application. So my order of Urban Decay Naked 3, which I didn’t see in reality, was for me intrigue.

Naked series is the brand’s best-seller. I’ve showed you Naked 2 already, it has mostly taupe shades unlike Naked 3 where most of the shades are frankly pink.

The shadows are in the identical to Naked 2 metal case though the color of the case is beige-pink. The palettes have the same size. On the cover there is a large mirror that opens 180 degrees. The case closes tightly, with a characteristic click.

GORGEOUS brush is included in the set. This brush for shading has changed its shape unlike Naked 2 brush. It is flatter, the hairs are shorter, but it is also densely packed. Urban Decay brushes are really perfect, so if you are looking for a makeup brush, pay attention to UD brushes!

Also the palette is supplemented by testers of UD main primers for the eyes: Original, Eden, Sin and Anti-aging.

And now let’s talk about shadows. There are 12 shades having different textures: matte, pearly, metallic. The patented Pigment Infusion System ™ formula provides a velvety texture, rich color, long-staying and easy shading of every hue.

Matte shades are well pigmented, but unfortunately there are only three matte shades in the palette and that’s why I can’t consider this palette as really universal thing. Moreover two of matte shades are light, one of them is the lightest in the palette it’s almost similar to my complexion. The second matte hue is suitable for highlighting the crease, but it is also not dark enough. The third matte shade can be considered as dark but for some reason I noticed some shimmer in it …

Other nine shades have different degrees of shimmerity. I pay special attention to the four shades. They are sparkling and shiny Buzz and Trick hues, the first is clearly pink; the second is more beige-golden. They beautifully emphasize brown and hazel eyes. They can make your makeup bright but with a share of tenderness.

The other two shades are dark, but they are with a twist. Darkside is steel-taupe hue, which is suitable for many. It looks so interesting that you even cannot identify what color it is. Blackheart is matte black hue with pink shimmer. I like to put it wet so this shade plays and black seems to shimmer, such a wet black). Other shades are often found in collections of many brands.

This palette hasn’t become my favorite; Naked 2 palette is more universal. Its shades are suitable for a limited number of girls; they may fit only one of my clients out of ten. However, if pink shades are definitely for you and they make the shade of your eyes brighter take a closer look at this palette. For myself, I can compare it just with Lorac 3 palette; I can’t remember other palettes, in which the emphasis is on the pink color.