Almost two years ago I showed you Marc Jacobs’ palette 208 The Vamp. Today is the turn of Marc Jacobs 206 Lolita, which is the best-seller of the brand.

I don’t focus on the packaging; I just can note that everything is done qualitatively. The case is in the form of a clutch, with a good clamp.

Perhaps, the main advantage of the palette is universality. In comparison with 208 The Vamp, which has only one matte snow-white shade, there are three matte shades of basic colors.

Also there are four shimmer shades, which have different degrees of shimmerity.

Glitter silvery-pink hue, which is in the center, is my favorite. It looks magnificently.  Just this shade is able to turn your daily makeup into the party makeup. As a minus, glitter can fall off, so it is better to apply foundation after you put eye make-up.

Another shade, which is definitely worth paying attention to it, is pink pearl; I tried to photograph it from several sides. Its pearl glow makes this shade to be interesting and significantly distinguishes it from other “pink” hues. I have not found any similar shade in my collection. The most similar game of brilliant gives the shade Lilac by Bobbi Brown, but it is lilac, not pink.

The last two shades, as well as all three matte shades, can be found in many other palettes. The first satin champagne hue also looks great if you use it as a highlighter. The second bronze hue is also universal and suits everyone.

Despite the high cost of this palette I was satisfied with its high quality. Shadows convey the color perfectly; swatches are made from one time and all hues are shaded well.  You do not need to be a makeup guru to apply these shadows. And of course luxurious, complex shades that please my eyes). The palette is created specifically for those who do not like experiments, but are ready to pay extra for chic)))