In some ways, this product is a pioneer. The majority of Russian women discovered the cushion just due to Lancome Miracle Cushion.

Lancome Miracle Cushion is a provocateur!
It’s absolutely different, unusual format, which came to us from Asia. And right now I should note that the case is very beautiful!

There is a soft, porous pad, impregnated with tonal fluid, inside the snow-white case. Just this pad is called “cushion”. Durable and tightly closed lid prevents drying and shedding. Lancome positions this format as the most convenient for “carrying with you.” A compact product easily fits in your purse and makes it possible to refresh your makeup at any time.

And then there are several disadvantages of this format …
The volume of the contents of such packaging is less than the usual packaging. This one is 14 ml and most foundations are 30 ml and even more. At the same time, the cost is almost the same.
I do not know how about you, but I began to use such wetted sponges in the 90s. I just used an ordinary sponge wetted with foundation and so coating turned out thinner than if I would use my fingers or a brush. That is, like that, I can apply any foundation.
Do I need a foundation in my bag? No. Because in addition to the tone, I put also a sculptor, concealer, blush, anyway one thing for sure. Many beauty brands advise us to contour relief on the face after you apply foundation evenly. So, in order to refresh my makeup, firstly I have to remove the old one and then reproduce the new one, that is, in addition to the foundation, I also have to have some extra products. Shortly speaking if I need to refresh my makeup I should have a lot of cosmetics and in this case the size is not a problem.
In addition I would like the foundation to be lasting as least during the working day. That’s why for me the compactness of the foundation is not relevant. And the staying power of Miracle Cushion is excellent!
The next stage is a texture of the product. Lancome Miracle Cushion has a fluid, fine texture. It is absolutely not felt on the skin. But immediately after application, it slightly cools and refreshes the skin. The Miracle Cushion formula is based on a mixture of water, essential oils and ingredients that reduce the skin temperature by two degrees. It invigorates and adjusts to the working mode definitely.
The foundation has caring properties. Its extract of coniferous needles struggles with pigmentation and improves the complexion, and adenosine help to prolong youthful skin. And solar filters protect against photo-aging.
Moisturizing the skin is a good and necessary, but the foundation works gradually. I mean dry, flaky skin will not be able to look perfectly immediately after application. By the way the foundation emphasizes flaky skin even if it is not visible before application. In short, Miracle Cushionis not for the winter period exactly).
The foundation gives noble radiance making your skin to look well-groomed, I like this. Finish turns slightly wet. But I read that not everyone likes it, especially oily-skinned girls.
Coverage is thin, but high-quality!) The complexion immediately becomes better. The foundation’s shades perfectly adapt to the skin and become invisible on the skin. That’s good. I have the shade 02 beige rose.

Miracle Cushion does not clog the wrinkles, perfectly hides the pores and complexion’s unevenness. However, it can’t cope with strong skin imperfections. That’s why if you love strong makeup this foundation isn’t for you.
So, the product is suitable for smooth, young, normal skin. Girls, having combination skin type, may like this foundation as it solves a number of problems … well, many may confuse combination skin with dehydrated skin. Also the foundation is well-suited for the age skin, thanks to the light coating and slightly shining finish, which gives freshness.
But the foundation does not work with extremes; I mean dry and oily skin. In the first case, it emphasizes dryness; in the second one it gives extra shine. It’s not wearable for the cold seasons and dry climate. In Vladivostok’s climate it was perfect for me but in Krasnoyarsk it emphasizes the slightest peeling on my face.
Perhaps of all my foundations I strongly recommend trying Lancome Miracle Cushion on your face, before buying!