Luminous Silk Foundation is the first Armani’s foundation and favorite foundation of many make-up artists! For 15 years it has received 36 international awards and is still a worldwide bestseller.

“Reveal your inner light. Inspired by charmeuse silk, “The Fabric of Emperors,” this luminous foundation glides on weightlessly for a flawless lit-from-within glow. Using exclusive Micro–fil™ technology to sculpt and brighten, this buildable coverage foundation improves texture and blurs imperfections. Comes in 24 shades to match every unique skin tone. How to apply: use the blender brush for a radiant, air-brushed finish.”

In my opinion this foundation has rather medium coverage. Unlike the Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow this one makes visible imperfections less noticeable immediately. The foundation isn’t able to hide acne in the stage of inflammation (when it is bright red) or to mask freckles but the overall complexion it smooths very well.

The foundation seems to merge with the skin. I’d like to show you some looks when I used this product, so please do not be lazy and click to watch closer. I specially put large format photos, where you can examine almost every pore. And yes, these girls do not really have the perfect skin). One of them has uneven skin and inflammations, the second have burnt in the solarium (it is difficult for red-haired girls to hide red tone of the skin).

The radiance of Luminous Silk is minimal, just the internal glow of the skin, but definitely it is not for lovers of matte foundations. Also doesn’t match those who have oily skin. Certainly a good primer can help, but it’s not worth it. Just choose other foundation that fits you perfectly.

Also it is well suited to women over 40 years, when you need to remove the dullness of the skin, to make even complexion (the foundation is able to hide pigmentation) and at the same time it should be light and invisible.

I prefer to apply this foundation with a flat brush; it turns out slightly denser but this way you can reach the effect like as if you applied Photoshop.)  Some girls like to put Luminous Silk using sponge Beauty Blender, the coating turns thinner, just for everyday make-up.

I have a shade  5 – medium neutral.

Cons. The foundation definitely highlights dry and peeling skin. So either you apply a primer and may be moisturizer or do not use this foundation. The second disadvantage of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation can be noted just by some users – it may clog the pores, this is not critical but the fact is. In my practice I have only one such case and for honesty I should note that almost all foundation, which my client has used, stressed this problem. I use a silicone primer that smooths skin relief maximally. And so after this and applying powder the pores become invisible.

I have described these shortcomings for those who has such problems and the solution is for those who have bought this product and do not know what to do with it).

the same tone Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 5 is on the girls

Glow of the skin with a flash and without a flash

So why is this foundation so famous among make-up artists ?! In my opinion, the answer is simple. Most models have good complexion, they have special diets and cosmetologists, and they constantly care for their skin. Their faces are their income! Unfortunately most of Russian women and girls can’t afford to buy expensive care products or visit a cosmetologist. We need the foundation that can provide the perfect result right here right now preferably without additional manipulation and products. We wish just to apply it and become beautiful at once.

This foundation acts just like that, but not in any case. I have some foundations that suit for everybody and give perfect result always.  Someday I’ll make a review of  “Top 5 of the best foundations”.

If you have tested this foundation please leave comments about your feelings. And if you have favorites among the foundations, write their name!)