Recently I’ve founded a makeup studio so I needed to have high coverage foundation. I prefer light to middle coverage foundation, so I’ve read a lot of reviews and then I went to the beauty stores.

That day I tried a lot of luxury and professional foundations from the list, and chose the best. It was Paese Long Cover Fluid.

This is Polish professional foundation for dry, normal and sensitive skin.

It’s a small glass jar of 30 ml with a twist-off cap. Package is glossy, fingerprints do not remain. The foundation doesn’t have a dispenser; there is just a spatula at the end of the cap.

The foundation’s consistency is rather dense; it’s not a fluid definitely. However, it is spread over the skin easily. However, it freezes quickly.

I have two shades of the foundation.

Paese Long Cover Fluid shade 0.5 Ivory

Paese Long Cover Fluid shade 01 Light Beige

As for disadvantages the hue darkens after application.

2 minutes later after I shaded it slightly

I did not notice this with any of my foundations. The hue does not change much, about half the tone, but the fact remains. So when you choose the shade of this foundation you’d better to wait for 5 minutes after applying and only after that evaluate the final result.

I apply the foundation with a brush and then I use powder.  I don’t like this foundation without powder.

The foundation hides pores, smoothes skin relief perfectly. Dryness of the skin is not emphasized; however, strong peeling can be noticeable any way. It doesn’t clog the pores but penetrates into deep lines and wrinkles and emphasizes them. And this is very noticeable in real. On the photo the foundation is gorgeous.

Makeup with the foundation Paese Long Cover Fluid shade 01 Light Beige

Finish turns out not matte, but satin. It’s really long lasting foundation which can be worn until the removal of makeup.

Active ingredients are shea butter, provitamin B5, vitamins A, C, E.

I can’t say that it is completely invisible. If you prefer usually light foundations, BB cream or even don’t use any foundation you’ll sense this one definitely.

This foundation is not for every day but for a photo of video shootings or for a party this product is excellent.